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Dr. Dabber Aurora

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The Dr. Dabber Aurora provides the best possible low-heat vaporization experience for concentrates. Powerful magnetic connections between the battery, atomizers, and mouthpiece make the Aurora a uniquely designed device is rated as one of the best pens on the market. The high-quality variable voltage battery and three distinct atomizers allow for unmatched customization - ensuring perfect vapour from any concentrate.

All you have to do is choose a preferred atomizer and load material for one session directly into it. Reassemble the unit by simply connecting each of the magnetic components then just press and hold the power button to instantly vaporize your material, drawing through the ceramic mouthpiece. 

Why Buy?

  • Straightforward to Use
  • Flavourful Vapour due to lower Temperatures
  • Great Battery Life
  • 3 Heat Settings
  • Snaptech Magnetic Connections
  • 3 Unique Atomizers :
    • Dual Quartz Rod with Quartz Dish
    • Dual Ceramic Rod with Quartz Dish
    • Ceramic Halo with Quartz Dish
  • Ceramic Mouthpiece
  • Discreet Satin Finish

What's Included

  • Dr. Dabber Aurora Vaporizer Pen
  • Quartz on Quartz Magnetic Atomizer
  • Ceramic on Quartz Magnetic Atomizer
  • Ceramic Halo on Quartz Magnetic Atomizer
  • Loading Tool
  • Silicone Storage Container
  • Magnetic USB Charger
  • DrD Keychain


  • Manufactured By: Dr. Dabber
  • Ships from: Canada
  • Substance: Solid Concentrates
  • Battery Charge: 2 Hours
  • Battery Life: Up to 300 Draws from Single Charge 
  • Heating System: Quartz Coil, Ceramic Coil
  • Temperature Range: Low, Medium, High
  • Heating Time: 3-8 Seconds
  • Warranty: 1-Year Warranty on Battery
  • By the Same Brand: GhostLiteAurora XSwitch and Boost

If you are looking to buy the Aurora vaporizer in Canada then you are in the right place. Based in Toronto we can ship to all provinces except Quebec.

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