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Cheech & Chong Jade East Water Pipe

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Cheech & Chong Jade East Water Pipe

The Jade East is the one of two concentrate devices in the Cheech & Chong 'Up In Smoke' Water Pipe collection. The domed quartz nail allows you to transfer your flavors perfectly, and the large volume of water keeps the vapor smooth. Thick glass and a wide, stable base make this rig hard to beat.

How it Works

Fill the Jade East water pipe with enough water to allow for a smooth draw. Remove the dome, and apply concentrate to your dabber tool. Once the quartz nail is hot enough, carefully replace the dome, then apply your concentrate to your bowl as you draw.


The Cheech & Chong - Jade East Water Pipe and its components can be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol, rinse fully with water after cleaning.

What's in the Box

  • Cheech & Chong - Jade East Water Pipe
  • Matching Ground Glass Dome
  • Quartz Nail


  • Borosilicate Glass
  • Custom Cheech & Chong Design
  • Domed Quartz Nail Inlcluded
  • Designed for Concentrate Use Use