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About Us

Here at The Vaporizer Shop we aim to provide a simple way for you to purchase quality vaporizers and accessories at the best prices with great customer service. We are a company based in Toronto, Canada and most of our products are shipped locally. We opened the store in May of 2019 and we have big plans for the future. 

Carbon Neutral

We plan to offer carbon offsets for our shipping to customers by the end of 2019 and we plan to become an entirely carbon neutral company by the end of 2020. Climate change is a huge problem and The Vaporizer Shop wants to do it's part. We will continually work towards implementing energy reducing strategies and build on our sustainable practices. If you have any suggestions about how we can strive to do better please contact us.

Simple Buying Process

We find pop-ups, annoying gimmicks, and up-selling very frustrating so we make a pledge to not treat our customers like numbers and extract the most money we can from them. Our aim is to provide products that you are looking for and allow you to purchase them simply and in a straightforward manner while limiting our environmental impact.